Updated: Jun 10, 2020

BLACK Lives Matter. Period.

Our world is literally in a state of complete chaos and destruction right now. It’s honestly scary, frustrating, and overwhelming… but at the same time, it’s kind of beautiful and exciting...

I think that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that NOW was the time for this to happen. There was no way Black people could continue to live in a state of silent oppression, and just keeping our hurts to ourselves whenever one of our lives was taken for absolutely no reason. We couldn’t keep living knowing that White people, and honestly ALL other races, look down on us as if we are some sort of dumb criminals simply because of our race. We couldn’t keep walking into White spaces trying to level up our lives, but being forced to hide and diminish our true selves for a sense of not making them uncomfortable. We could not keep living knowing that no matter how high we rise, White people will always look at us as less than them. We couldn’t continue being underestimated and undervalued simply because of the COLOR of our skin.

The real crazy thing is though, White people LOVEEEEE Black culture. They love everything about being Black, except actual Black people. In all honesty, I think they are afraid of our power. Look at us, honestly. Every trend, every catchy saying, the good food, the fashion sense… WE INSPIRE EVERYTHING!!! They have done everything within their power to steal our culture from us and oppress us. They want us to hate ourselves, while they secretly admire us, and try to take everything that makes us, US. But the problem is… they don’t understand that the MAGIC lies in actually BEING a BLACK person. You can’t buy it, steal it, or copy it. They can’t take what we have, because the beauty is in the CREATORS not the CREATIONS. No matter what they take from us, we will always find our way back & come up with something new that they could never, because the beauty lies within US. Period.

The problem is that White people have ingrained this sense of their superiority in our heads so bad, that even when we consciously try to take it away from them, we are STILL giving into their power. We have to approach the situation differently. We have to talk to God, and understand what he would like us to do. I understand we are all HURT, FRUSTRATED, and just SICK of being treated as if our lives don’t matter… as if we are a THREAT for just being. At this point, it does seem like riots, protests, looting, and violence are the only way to get our voices to be heard. And to be honest, it is working. We are ringing bells across the WORLD, and people are finally realizing how messed up the entire system is. We are raising awareness, fighting back, and taking our power… and I love to see it. I love us!

I am in full support of BURNING EVERYTHING DOWN, but we have to check in with God, and ourselves, and make sure our fight is rooted in something good rather than evil.

Are you fighting because you love Black lives? Or are you fighting because you hate white people?

Are you looting because you want to destroy capitalism, and devalue the white dollar?

Or are you stealing out of greed, because you want the things that WHITE people told us we needed to have to seem successful?

Stealing for greed and appearances is still giving power to Whites because it shows them that we VALUE what they have created. It shows them that we still ASPIRE to have the things they withheld from us. It perpetuates the idea that Black people are criminals & thieves, rather than just being a demonstration of our frustration & anger!!

When I say burn everything down, I mean BURN EVERYTHING DOWN, including everything in the stores. We need to show them that we don’t want ANYTHING from them, and that we gone be good on our own. We need to show them that NOTHING they created is of any value to us, since they couldn’t find it in their hearts to value our lives. We need to show them that NOTHING FROM THEM will ever prosper, because everything they’ve created is rooted in evil & oppression. If you still value material items at this point, with everything going on… I strongly advise just taking a minute to check in with yourself & your intentions. As a collective, our destruction of this entire country needs to be a STATEMENT OF OUR POWER, rather than a demonstration of our selfish greed.

Once we get our intentions together and destroy everything, I think the transformation that follows may be the most beautiful thing. Honestly, it's what we’ve all been needing. I see this as a time to TRULY start supporting Black businesses. To invest in ourselves & our communities. Why are we giving so much value to white high end designers, when we should be collectively building up the next BLACK HIGH END DESIGNERS. This is our time to change the entire narrative. This country would not be able to thrive without us, so this is the time for us to make sure we are on top. THE WHITE MAN SHOULD HAVE NO VALUE ANYMORE.

Anything material that you perceive as valuable right now is honestly just an unconscious manifestation of our oppression.

This is the time to get right with yourself, talk to God, and align with your purpose. I seriously don’t think the things we thought were important or valuable last year will ever have that same power again. It’s a time to redefine SUCCESS outside of monetary gain. Define success by doing what feeds your spirit, and knowing that you are fulfilling God’s purposes for you.That is the only way to have true success.

I never planned on writing a blog today. I have been getting the urge to start blogging again for a few weeks, writing down my ideas and visions, meditating, praying, and I had a whole plan to start next week once I was finished with school and had the “time”. But time is just a social construct, honestly… God controls time, and today, he gave me a different message for how to spend mine.

When my intuition kept telling me that I needed to write this blog this morning, I asked for a sign…

Something told me to open up my devotional book for today, and there was my sign:

Kinda crazy how divine timing works, right?

This summer, I’m gone take y'all on a journey with me of self growth, unearthing our spirituality, and figuring out how to walk in line with our purpose… I’m still on my journey for sure (with a long way to go), but I’m inviting everybody to join this journey with me, as I share with y’all the lessons I learn along the way. God has a purpose for all the destruction & pain we’re enduring right now. This is our sign of a NEW BEGINNING. It’s time for us to take our power back-- the right way. It’s time for us to change the world.

Welp, that's all I have to say for the moment. Now, I need to actually go study. Everybody please STAY SAFE & PRAYED UP. I love us. God got us covered🙏🏽

- Janet Maia💕

FYI: When I say “burn everything down”, I am speaking metaphorically, not literally. I do believe the entire system needs to be destroyed, and rebuilt on a new, equal foundation. However, I do not thi