The Beverly Review

Protest sends message on 111th

Written by Kyle Garmes

Tue Jun 16 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

A “Beyond the Borders” protest organized by Beauty and Brains, a Chicago-based non-profit, makes its way along 111th Street in Mt. Greenwood on June 13. About 125 people participated, and they called for police reform and an end to racism. Dozens of counterprotestors lined the route. Police said there were no arrests or property damage as a result of the protest.

Jennifer Martin, who founded Beauty and Brains with her sister, Janet, said it was the organization’s first protest and the start of a summer series.

“Our purpose was to basically come to predominantly white neighborhoods or where there have been instances where we feel like they would benefit from the Black Lives Matter message and what we stand for,” said Martin, 20, who grew up on the South Side and now lives in Orland Park. “We seek to raise our voices in cities where we feel like we need to be heard more.”

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