Beauty and Brains is a non-for-profit organization based in Chicago, IL. We dedicate ourselves to service, with a primary focus on mentoring young women, and building a community to foster growth and empowerment. We offer our members various educational opportunities, scholarships, and resources as they navigate through college, graduate school, and other Professional careers. At Beauty and Brains, we aim to empower all women by boosting their confidence in themselves and their intellect.


We believe every young woman is endowed with natural beauty and unlimited brain power waiting to be untapped, unleashed, and celebrated.

Growing up in the Chicagoland south suburbs, while also spending most summers with family in the city, we became hyper-aware of the privilege that comes from living just 20 minutes outside of city lines. Our childhood memories sparked a desire to give back, and somehow help bridge the gap of inaccessibility to educational resources for young women. Thus, we started the Beauty and Brains Organization. We felt passionately about founding this organization based on both of our academic and, now, professional journeys. Our primary goal is to give young women the support & educational tools necessary to reach their full potential.

In society, it has always been looked at as mutually exclusive to be beautiful or smart. Often times as a woman, people may judge you off of your appearance before they even know what you are capable of.  We want to change that narrative. We want to show the world that women can be everything- BEAUTIES with BRAINS. Beauty is more than physical appearance, though-- it's your demeanor, it's how you carry yourself, and how you treat others. We want this organization to remind young women that we are all beautiful, and confidence in ourselves is what allows that beauty to shine.

"Confidence breeds Beauty. Intellect produces Power." -Janet & Jennifer


The goal of Beauty and Brains is not recognition or profit, but simply, it is our way of giving back. We’ve been blessed with so much, and who are we not to share the blessings and all of the knowledge we’ve learned, and will learn, as we continue our own journeys?


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